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A Letter to Librarians and Other Institutional Users

Dear Librarians and Other Institutional Users:

On behalf of The Gerontological Society of America, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of our journals. Your partnership in the dissemination of aging information continues to be important to us.

Standard institutional subscriptions include both print journals and online access to those journals for authorized users. If your institution subscribes to one of our print journals, the e-journal administrator may activate the institution's online access using the institution's 8-digit subscriber number (see below). Before doing so, we ask that institutional e-journal adminstrators read our Guidelines for Institutional Access and print a copy for their files. Once you have done so, please proceed to activate your account.

If you do not have your institutional subscriber number, you may obtain it from your subscription agency. Your agency should be able to provide you with the publisher's reference number, which you will use as your subscriber number. This number is likely to be 5 or 6 digits. Please add zeros before the number to bring the total digits to 8.

If you are unable to obtain your subscriber number from your agency, or the number the agency provides you does not work, please send us an publications{at} In order to process your query, you will need to provide the following information: Your name and title, the subscribing institution, the exact address the subscription is mailed to, the title(s) of the journal(s) to which the institution subscribes, and your contact information.

If your journals are mailed to your subscription agency rather than directly to your institution, you will not be in our subscription fulfillment system. We will need to create a subscriber number for you. To request a subscriber number, please have your subscription agency contact us with proof of payment and the identity of your institution, as well as the appropriate contact information so that we can ensure you receive your subscriber number.

Again, GSA would like to thank you for your support, and we look forward to continuing our relationship for many years to come.


Director of Publications
The Gerontological Society of America

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